MahVay Studios


"Folk Couture". Collection by Wynd Novotny

Sizes P - XL
Seven Arrows Jacket

1. Seven Arrows Jacket
This one-of-a-kind palomino lambskin "jean jacket" is lined in sueded silk with matching mid- calf "jean skirt". The medicine shield is handbeaded with 14k gold beads featuring hand-carved scrimshaw feathers made from old piano keys and backed in brass.
The buttons are deer antler handcrafted of natural annual fall-off antler only.

Moon Star shield outfit

2. Moon Star Shield Coat-dress
The Moon Star shield coat features embroidered yokes, front and back, on red lamb suede lined in silk. The body of the coat is wheat lambsuede. Buffalo-head-nickel buttons are perfect closures for this chic rendition of the Wild West.

Cattail Series


3. Cattail Series
This handpainted shearling lambskin vest is the first of the Cattail Folk Couture Collection. (The skirt is a rust taffeta.)
Accompanying pieces are available in leather, lambsuede, velvet, silk or a variety of speciality fabrics.

Ode to the Vaqueros

4. (On the left):
Folk Couture: "Ode to the Vaqueros"-hand painted lambskin jacket and matching skirt

5. (On the right):
"Festival Skirt" in lambskin and lace with matching top in rayon.
(see below)

Festival Skirt

6."Festival Skirt" Collection in lambskin and lace. Available in a variety of colors and styles. Matching "peasant" top in rayon.

Festival Skirt

7."Festival Skirt" in eggplant velvet and burn-out velvet flounce with matching "peasant" top.
Available in many colors and styles. (wholesale and retail available)

Sun Kachina

8. "Sun Kachina" Jacket in lambskin with matching "Sun Pyramid" skirt.

Prairie Magic Shield

9. Prairie Magic Shield
Lavender lamb suede long sleeved pull-over shirt with matching skirt featuring handcut fringe hemline. Hand-painted buffalo shield featured on the back of the shirt. Two hand-sawn silver buffalo heads grace the front of the shirt on a foundation of rabbit fur.

Desert Sisters

10. Desert Sisters
Dark green lamb suede applique silhouettes make up this picture of the desert lightning storm on a thistle lambsuede western vest with matching chevron lambsuede skirt.

Eagle Vision Jacket

11. Eagle Vision Jacket & matching skirt.
The American Eagle is depicted on the back of this lambskin jacket with the wings gracing the sleeves in dark brown, mahogany lambskin and lamb suede overlay appliques. The bald eagle head is depicted in white lizard. Indian head nickel buttons complete this outfit.

Ode to the Grasses

12. Ode to the Grasses
This elegant purple lambsuede outfit celebrates the Grasslands of America with her graceful wheat handpainted in metallic gold with handstitched rice pearl "wheat seeds" embellishing the painting.